Flower Essences to Support Growth and Change

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Flower Essences are my favorite way to support mental and emotional health. I like to think of these formulas as friends that are helping you to hold space and process thoughts and emotions as they arise. Flower Essences help you to connect to the things greater than us – maybe you call that Source, or Spirit, or God, or Universe. Flower Essences are portals or ways for us to connect to Source that is within. During this time of stress and uncertainty, Flower Essences are a gentle and powerful way we can support ourselves. Below I’ll share more about what Flower Essences are, how they are made, and how you can get a custom formula to support you at a sliding scale rate.

What is a Flower Essence?

Flower Essences support you in the work that you are already doing. They can help you to understand and know yourself in new ways by bringing to consciousness the things that were previously buried. Formulas can be used short-term as support in coping with difficult situations, or long-term to promote growth and change. Or in other words they can help in the process of noticing and paying attention to how you currently are, without judging or telling a story. They can help you to be more mindful in your daily life. You can then make space, allow for your experience, and you can reintegrate and move forward in ways that are helpful for you. Flower Essences are a way to connect to the flower, connect to Source, and also connect to yourself in a new way.

Flower Essences do not overwhelm or force something to happen. They do, however, help us become conscious of things that are already happening with ourselves. As a result, sometimes we may have an awareness with which we are uncomfortable. Working with a licensed healthcare professional or therapist during this process can be very important. This is why I generally use Flower Essence formulas in conjunction with other mind body work.

How are Flower Essences made?

Flower Essences are infusions made from the flowering part of a plant to preserve the essence or vibrational imprint of the flower. Fresh flowers are gathered and placed on the surface of a container of water and left to absorb the sun for several hours. This water is then preserved with either alcohol (traditionally brandy) or vinegar. This “mother tincture” is diluted in distilled water to be given to each patient.

Get a custom formula, just for you.

If you resonate with the message and power of Flower Essences, I recommend you consider a custom blend to support you during times of stress or as you dive into the work of examining your internal narrative, the work of rewiring your nervous system. Custom formulas may help you to observe your inner self and bolster your internal resources as you investigate your behaviors, beliefs, emotions, perceptions, and narrative.

During the COVID-19 restrictions I am offering telemedicine consults as a standalone visit. I’m offering Flower Essence formulas on a sliding scale basis, shipped to your house.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can do that here.

Wishing you wellness and peace in the coming months.

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