Botanical Medicine

More than just an alternate to pharmaceuticals, plant medicine can help you reconnect to the wisdom of nature.

What is Botanical Medicine?

Botanical Medicine can help you reconnect to the wisdom of nature. Custom formulas will help support the mind body in a comprehensive way, facilitating the body’s own healing, and lead to long-term changes in experience of symptoms.

Flower Essences Formulas

Flower Essences Formulas help you to observe your inner self and bolster your internal resources as you investigate your behaviors, beliefs, emotions, perceptions, and narrative. This resonant medicine can be helpful during the work of mind body medicine and help you to integrate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of yourself.

Tea and Tincture Formulas

Tea and Tincture Formulas are based off both traditional uses and modern biomedical uses of plants and their constituents. A tea or tincture can be used short term to support your body’s healing and functioning. Dr. Kari will use her extensive training in Traditional Chinese Herbalism, Western Herbalism, and Energetic Herbalism to create a formula that is best for you.

Mae Botanicals Kari Logan Flower Essence Oak Cerato Olive Honeysuckle Rock Rose
Mae Botanicals Kari Logan Hypericum Flower

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